Our executive staff has more than 100 years of combined management experience in the nutritional industry. Here are a few of our top people, and some of the expertise they bring to your product.

Robert Matheson, CEO

Robert has successfully built and has managed five nutritional contract-manufacturing facilities. He joined Protein Research as a partner in 1991, focusing on the expansion of sales, production, research and development, and quality control. Protein Research has many industry firsts–including the development of Power Bar–that propelled Protein Research into its current position as one of the fastest-growing vitamin premix companies on the West Coast. Robert is still very much hands-on in the business, and instrumental in ensuring that Protein Research has all the certifications, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, quality standards, and highly trained staff to compete for business anywhere in the world. He is the driving force behind Protein Research’s implementation of the latest manufacturing technology. Robert’s compassion for his employees has fostered longstanding tenures across the majority of his staff.

Ashley Matheson, President

Ashley was named President in January of 2016. Ashley began her career within Protein Research when she was introduced to and fell in love with the nutritional industry, working at Body Ammo Nutraceuticals, her mother’s private label, from 2001-2002. She has worked her way through all aspects of the business gaining invaluable experience and first-hand knowledge along the way. She started in inside sales at Body Ammo, then moved to purchasing within Protein Research in 2005 where she gained extensive logistical knowledge, negotiating experience, and discovered and cultivated an aptitude for searching out and locating raw materials, along with those materials great suppliers and vendors throughout the industry. From there, in 2008, she moved to Executive Account Manager with a focus on customer service through the active management of our existing large customer base. In 2011, she was promoted to Vice President of Operations where she has since been overseeing every aspect of the day-to-day business of Protein Research. In her new role as President, she is looking forward to continue working to perfect and expand our existing current customer bases and constantly prospect new opportunities for Protein Research to help create the best value possible for our clients.

Melissa Matheson, Vice President

As Vice President, Melissa heads Protein Research’s Quality, Customer Service, Human Resource, IT and Finance teams. Her goals are to continue keeping the company aligned with providing: a safe environment for employees and customer products; quality that is above regulatory standards; and a customer experience that creates a long lasting partnership. Melissa also works hard to keep Protein Research’s IT systems and programs at a peak to keep the company moving to be a contract manufacturer at the top of technology. Continuing to learn from and develop Protein Research’s outstanding team of employees Melissa is excited to be a part of this company and see what incredible prospects are around the corner.

Gary Troxel, Vice President of Business Development

As Vice President of Business Development, Gary has a long history (35+ years) in the Nutraceutical Industry and strong relationships with decision makers across many different sectors. He mentors the younger executive team at Protein Research sharing his knowledge, strategies and objectives. Gary knows a well-trained executive team facilities the growth objectives and that the corporate culture is the heart and soul of a great company. He understands the importance of its customer base and makes sure that every customer knows that their project is important by open communication with the entire Protein Research team. He is also a good friend to the family owners with this relationship covering 25 years. Gary has witnessed the growth of this industry and appreciates the great quality products produced at Protein Research that improve the health of customers/consumers from young to old, a legacy that he encourages every day.