Protein Research strives to deliver the highest quality products to our customers from start to finish. We begin with our VQ (Vendor Qualification) process, which is required for all incoming raw materials and packaging materials. This process ensures the materials meet the vender’s specifications as well as our rigorous internal specifications, and when they do not, they are rejected. We utilize our in-house microbiology lab as well as an FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) on all incoming materials to show any sort of deviation from our approved control lots. Safety, Sanitation and GMP compliance which are all a part of 21 CFR 111 and 110/117 are driving our PR team and our certifications substantiate that.


We utilize swabs on both food contact and non-food contact items in our facilities:

  • Allergen swabbing is performed after products that have a US top-8 allergen have been run on food contact items
  • ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) swabbing is done on both food contact and non-contact items to ensure a clean production environment for making products
  • Environmental swabbing is done periodically in our facilities to confirm our plant’s overall cleanliness

Tablet Hardness Testers

Our tablet hardness testers are used to determine the structural integrity of a particular tablet under conditions of storage, transportation, and handling before usage.  We measure tablets in kp (kiloponds) which is equivalent to a kilogram of force.

Tablet Disintegration Testers

USP Dissolution Apparatus 1 units are used in our lab to monitor disintegration times for tablets.  It is important to properly replicate the same conditions when testing tablets, which is why we monitor the temperature and pH levels of the solution the tablets are being disintegrated in.

Tablet Friability Testers

Protein Research uses USP benchtop friability testers to analyze finished tablets’ tendency to chip, crumble or break once compressed.  The test is done to replicate the transport and handling of tablets as well as their subsequent storage conditions.

Shadow Boards

Shadow boards are used as a visual management tool with painted images of where specific production tools belong and show when tools are missing.

Hand/Foot Washing Station

HACCP and SSOP compliant hand/foot washing stations are in place at the entry point to the production area.  Our state of the art automated machines exceed food safety standards for SQF and BRC.  These machines give an automated hand wash and foot bath to each user before the individual is allowed access to the production area.

Leak Detecors

These devices help us ensure the seal integrity of our flexible packaging (stick packs, sachets, gusseted bags, etc.)  to our clients before being boxed up and shipped out.  Our devices utilize ASTM D3078 Standard Test Method.