Manufacturing & Packaging


Manufacturing & Packaging


We proudly manufacture and package non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, kosher, Certified Organic nutraceutical and dietary supplement products, and much more. Our automated production lines are optimized for speed and efficiency with zero compromise to quality.  

Stainless steel large capacity blenders, high speed powder filling lines manufacture and package powdered effervescents, vitamin premixes, tablets, capsules, and powders in gusseted bags, stick packs, sachets, and bottles.

We focus on quality  manufacturing & packaging of nutraceuticals and dietary supplement products from formulation development all the way through shipment.  

Our customers are involved in every step of the manufacturing and packaging process. This helps ensure we’re meeting and exceeding expectations that result in long-term partnerships, buyer satisfaction and positive growth. 

Learn more about how our automated, quality-focused manufacturing & packaging processes are optimized for accuracy, efficiency, and speed.





Manufacturing a quality nutraceutical, functional food, or dietary supplement product starts with developing solid relationships with reputable suppliers, diligently assessing raw materials for risk, and testing to ensure composition and purity. 

At Protein Research, we store raw materials in a cGMP environment and in accordance to recommended storage conditions to maximize the freshness and integrity of every ingredient.  

Raw materials are segregated based on allergen, non-GMO, gluten free and Certified Organic status to maintain purity.

Learn about our rigorous process for developing quality nutraceutical and dietary supplement products:


Our high-speed capsule manufacturing equipment provides customers with many benefits through a common and efficient delivery system. 

Our state-of-the-art capsule filling lines use electronic photo counters that allow for maximum fill speed for highly scalable production. All capsules are run through polishers to make sure no dust is present on the finished product. They also are put through metal detectors to keep free of foreign materials. 

We offer veggie and gelatin capsules in a variety of sizes. Capsules are available in conventional and organic compliant (can be used in products labeled “made with organic ingredients”). 




Similar to capsule manufacturing, tablet manufacturing offers speed of production and buyer satisfaction by offering standard, chewable, and sublingual (lozenge) options. 

We’ve mastered the craft of tablet formulation using state-of-the-art tablet filling lines, which use electronic counters that allow for maximum fill speed for highly scalable production.  

Our tablet presses have pre-compression capabilities at five tons before being pressed at 10 tons. This allows us to achieve one hundred percent direct compression to maintain the integrity of your finished product. We offer several different tablet dimensions to fit your needs.



Powders and Powder Premixes 

Our facility contains numerous high capacity stainless-steel blenders that include double-ribbon, paddle, V-blenders, and fluidizers, all of which deliver homogeneous blends without breaking down particle size, ideal for various powder formulas, such as the best protein powders, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, red and green superfood powders, and more.  

Our blenders are ideal for powder premixes, including premixes for fortified beverages: vitamin blends for meal replacement shakes, vegetarian protein powder shakes, whey protein powder shakes, smoothie premixes, energy drinks, and superfood juice premixes. We also specialize in premixes for all types of bars, gummies, and chews. 




Effervescence is the escape of gas from an aqueous solution creating a  foaming or fizzing  as a result from that release. The benefits of effervescents are abundant. They’re bioavailable, which means they can easily enter the bloodstream, they’re easy to digest.

They allow for large doses of vitamin C, vitamin B-12 and other multivitamins and minerals to be taken in just one serving, and are optimal for buyers who have issues swallowing conventional capsules or tablets. 

Protein Research specializes in effervescent powder formulations that are currently extremely hot in today’s market. 





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We have a diverse range of packaging for your nutraceuticals and dietary supplement products and we’re confident we can solve all your packaging needs. We take pride in offering various environmentally friendly solutions your buyers will love, including PCR bottles, compostable film, and recycled corrugated and display boxes. 

From full-shrink to square labelers, we offer creative and stylish ways to label your products and stand out among the competition. Protein Research is always open for new innovation and packaging challenges.  We’re willing and happy to discuss any packaging request no matter what it might be.




Capsule, tablet, and powder bottling capabilities include PET, HDPE, and HDPE-PCR bottles. Bottle sizes range from 75cc to 650cc and are available in a wide range of colors and finishes. 

The production line offers desiccant droppers, cotton or rayon, cappers, neck banding, heat induction for foil lids, and pressure sensitive labelers.

Powder filled bottles range in a variety of sizes in order to fit our customers needs. We offer pressure sensitive as well as heat sealed liners. Lids are available in smooth and ribbed with various color options and sizing. 


Stick Packs

Stick packs are an excellent way to drive trials as well as provide an on the go solution for powder products. We offer 2 sizes of stick packs, a thin and a medium width that allows for various heights. We utilize numerous combinations of papers, plastics, and foils to provide the best seal for your finished application.

All of our stick pack machines are auger-servo equipment driven to get the most accurate weights possible. Fill weights for stick packs range from 2 grams  to 20 grams. Tear notches are an option for this form, fill, and seal line. We utilize pressure vacuums to test for proper sealing of sachets, stick packs and gusseted bags.



Our sachets are made using horizontal form, fill and seal technology that allow us to seal in both 3-sided and 4-sided options.  

Fill weights for sachets range from 7 grams to 70 grams.  

Whether it be a plant-based protein, energy formula, or an effervescent drink mix, endless film layer combinations provide us the ability to provide our customers with the appropriate film for any application.


Gusseted Bags 

Gusseted bags range in size from a width of six inches and height of eight inches to a width of 9 inches and height of 18 inches.  

We offer both standard and pull tab zippers to fit the need of your specific application. One-way degassing valves are also an option for products that tend to off-gas. Pressure vacuums are used to test for proper sealing.

Fill weights range from 200 grams to over two kilos depending on powder density.