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Protein Research Earns NSF International’s Good Manufacturing Practice Registration


Livermore, California – Protein Research’s manufacturing facility in Livermore, California was recently added to NSF International’s dietary supplements Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) registration.



Protein Research Employee Spotlight – Tom Hirschbeck


Tom Hirschbeck, a Sr. Director of Research & Development at Protein Research,  has joined the team in November 2020.



5 Tips to Going Gluten-Free With Your Supplement Contract Manufacturer


With the gluten-free products trend becoming increasingly popular, learn how you can start to optimize your brand with safe, certified, gluten-free supplement products.



What’s the Difference Between Organic, non-Organic and GMO Products?


There’s a lot of talk about the differences between organic, non-organic, GMO and non-GMO products. Explore what these terms mean and what experts are saying about them.



Cognitive Health Supplements & What Experts Advise

Cognitive Health Supplements & What Experts Advise


When it comes to cognitive health supplements, you might not be getting the full truth. Learn about some healthy ways you can improve your cognitive health, and demystify some of the hype along the way.



list of some of the best health and beauty supplements and ingredient trends for you in 2020

The Best Health and Beauty Supplements in 2020


There are an extensive amount of health and beauty supplements on the market and they become more innovative every year. Here’s a list of some of the best health and beauty supplements and ingredient trends for you in 2020.



Top 10 Superfoods That Contribute to a Healthier Lifestyle


Superfoods are natural foods that are particularly high in the nutrients you need to live a healthier life. You’ve probably heard the word “superfood” many times over the past decade or so. It’s a popular buzzword used widely…



Top 10 Dietary and Nutritional Health Trends for 2020


Learn about the top 10 dietary and nutritional health trends that are making waves in 2020, from dark chocolate covered chickpeas, protein fortified coffee, plant-based “meats,” and all the important things people want to know about the origins…



Improve Your Immune System With These Healthy Practices & Immune System Supplements.


In the face of a global pandemic, what steps are you taking to improve your immune system? There are many ingredients and immune system supplements you can take to improve your defense against illness.



Suffering From Sleep Deprivation? Learn How to Log More Hours in Bed.


Sleep deprivation is a very common problem in the US. Learn about some effective techniques you can practice and common supplements you can take to get a better night’s sleep.



Community Outreach


Tis the season for giving! We feel strongly about our company value #1: PEOPLE.  Our focus is teamwork, collaboration and that  our employees will always give their best. Protein Research believes that our community should always…



SQF Level 2 Certification Renewal


We would like to announce that we have renewed our 4th year of our SQF Level 2 certification! SQF stands for Safe Quality Food and is a food safety and quality program which is recognized world-wide by…




We’ve got the equipment to get the job done!


We never stop looking for the best machines to produce the highest quality products for our clients. Our newest additions include a 350 cubic foot fluidizer blender capable of blending loads…




Behind the Protein


Venkata Pamu is the Product Development Supervisor here at Protein Research, leading a team Product development associates. He brings in his expertise in dietary supplements with a Master’s degrees in Food Science and a specialized Diploma in Dietary…