Antioxidant supplements


Antioxidant Supplements


Foods, vitamins and supplements that are high in antioxidants help protect your cells.

Free radicals are compounds that are naturally formed in the body. Although they have some useful functions, they’re unstable and excessive buildup of these free radicals creates oxidative stress that can be harmful to our cells. 

Antioxidants are molecules or man-made substances that can help protect your cells by limiting the damage from those free radicals.

Other factors like exposure to the sun, pollution or cigarette smoke can promote excessive free radicals. They need to be kept in check. Luckily, the body has its own antioxidant defenses. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals and prevent oxidative stress, keeping us healthier longer. A combination of the body’s defensive antioxidants and addition from foods and vitamins are a winning combination. 

Along with the body’s antioxidants, naturally occurring antioxidants can also be found in foods such as: coffee, cacao, green tea, chlorella, spirulina, elderberry and various types of fruits and vegetables.

Stand-alone vitamins like vitamin A and beta-carotene, vitamins B, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E and compounds like lycopene and lutein are also strong and effective antioxidants. Protein Research only sources the highest quality materials and tests their potencies to make sure your products we manufacture are safe and efficacious.


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