The production of a quality finished product is tied very closely with the storage of its raw materials. At Protein Research we utilize temperature-controlled zones to place these raw materials in their ideal environment. Our raw materials are also segregated based on whether they are organic or conventional. At the beginning of each scheduled production, these raw materials are gathered from their designated location and measured out in our pre-weigh department and before going off to blending, double-checked against the associated batch record. Below are descriptions of the various production departments at Protein Research.

Capsule & Tablet Bottling

Protein Research offers high-speed tablet and capsule filling lines that utilize either electronic counters, that enumerate difficult to count tablets or capsules or slat counters that allow for an even higher fill speed. Both lines offer desiccant droppers, cotton or rayon, cappers, neck banding, heat induction for foil lids, and pressure sensitive labelers.


We utilize high-speed Bartelt filling lines to provide both 3 and 4-side sealed sachets. We can fill between 8 and 70 grams of powder into pouches from 75mm x 75mm to 150mm x 175mm. Our machines have the most up to date controls that ensure each bag is hermetically sealed and weights are accurate. Check weighers confirm and produce a digital record for our clients to review as well. We use pressure vacuums to test for proper sealing of sachets.


Protein Research has numerous stainless-steel blenders that include double-ribbon, paddle, V-blenders, and fluidizers, all of which deliver homogeneous blends without breaking down particle size. Blender sizes range from 5 ft³ to 350 ft³ blenders to accommodate your batch size needs based on your pilot run results.

Gusseted Bag

Protein Research’s gusseted bag line is as automated as they come. This high-speed machine is capable of accurate fill weights for the bags it speedily produces. Fill weights range from 200 grams to over 2 kilos. We use pressure vacuums to test for proper sealing of gusseted bags.

Stick Pack

All of our stick pack machines are auger-servo driven to get the most accurate weights possible. We offer both 20 mm and 35 mm widths with heights ranging from 75 mm to 150 mm. Fill weights for stick packs range from 1 gram to 20 grams. We utilize pressure vacuums to test for proper sealing of stick packs. Tear notches are an option for ths form, fill, and seal line. We use pressure vacuums to test for proper sealing of gusseted bags.

Powder Bottling

Our high-speed powder filling lines are capable of filling as low as 100 grams to over 2 kilos of powder into PET, HDPE, or HDPE-PCR containers. These lines feature, state of the art labelers, full body sleeve labelers, neck banding, pressure-sensitive or heat induction liners for lids, metal detection, and nitrogen flush (to maintain product freshness and stability).


The art of forming a hard, yet still disolvable tablet is one that the tablet machine operators at Protein Research have been practicing since our company’s inception.  All of our tablet presses have pre-compression at 5 tons before being pressed at 10 tons of pressure. This allows us to achieve 100% direct compression to maintain the integrity of your finished product.


Our high-speed encapsulation machines are capable of producing 100,000 units per hour per machine. In addition, we offer smaller machines that will run those more difficult to run products. All capsules are run through polishers to make sure no dust is present on the finished product.